How Can We Help You?

At some time in the life of every family stress and relationship issues can interfere with normal family function.


Working with families the Family Resource Center’s Family Support Workers help assesses a family’s needs and help create an Individual Family Service Plan to connect families to needed resources for counseling, WIC assistance, transportation, heating, household budgets and other important matters.
We also offer parenting courses and other assistance to help build trusting relationships between parents and children.

Jen Buteau, Director of Family Support Programs
466-5190 ext. 303




The Family Resource Center and Granite United Way provides FREE Income Tax Assistance where trained volunteers process your Federal Income Tax Return at no charge.

FMI call 2-1-1 or go to


In our current economic climate, family finances are more and more challenging.  All the more reason to learn more about our free voluntary income tax assistance program.


Have a child attending Berlin or Gorham Schools that needs help with homework?


Learn how the Family Resource Center’s after school program, Project Youth can help.  In school year 2013-2014 we helped over 200 students tackle their homework, earn better grades and enjoy a socially enriching experience with their peers.

Judy Arsenault, Director of Project Youth Programs
466-5190 ext. 306