Help for Families

The Family Support Programs have trained staff to work with clients in our home visiting programs.  Families can choose to focus on topics such as:
    • Budgeting skills to increase financial awareness and stability
    • Positive discipline
    • Life and stress management
    • Community Resources
    • Prenatal and infant care
    • Infant growth and child development
    • Childcare, preschool and after school services
    • Parenting and Co-Parenting education
    • Ages and Stages Developmental Screenings
    • Growing Great Kids
    • Positive Parenting Program Curriculum


Watch Me Grow




Toddler Time where parents and toddlers come together to play, learn new parenting tips and connect with one another.
    • Tuesday mornings, September to June from 9:30 to 11:00 am for families with children ages 0-5
    • FMI call 466-5190 ext. 317


Care Coordination & Emergency Assistance for service members, Veterans of all eras, & families.
    • Counseling and emotional support (individuals, couples, children)
    • Employment
    • Childcare resources
    • Respite care
    • Transportation assistance
    • Disability services resources
    • Legal issues
    • Substance abuse
    • Budgeting and financial management
    • Emergency financial assistance through VETERANS COUNT
    • Navigate and access the system (civilian and VA)


The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program offers case management and temporary financial assistance to low-income NH Veterans facing a housing crisis.

    This program provides temporary financial assistance with housing expenses such as:

    • Housing security deposit
    • Emergency rental assistance
    • Utility assistance
    • Moving expenses
    • Transportation
    • Employment counseling
    • Financial Planning
    • Childcare
    • Healthcare referrals
    • Disability claims
    • Counseling referrals

    You qualify for this program if you are a veteran who:

    • Served at least 24 hours of active duty
    • Was discharged other than dishonorably
    • Is living in economic hardship
    • Is homeless or in a housing crisis
    • Is living in New Hampshire


The Children in the Middle program is to help parents who are separated or divorced by teaching them skills that:
    • Engage parents in recognizing the effects on children caught in the middle of parental problems and conflicts
    • Help parents to learn new skills and apply them to their own situations
    • Encourage parents to let their children know that the children’s reactions to being caught in the middle are normal and the children should give parents feedback when problems are occuring
    • Educate parents on how to reduce the main stressors of divorce and separation on children.
    • This course is completed on-line and there is a fee for this program


Healthy Families America Prenatal Program:
    • Improves parenting attitudes
    • Increases knowledge of child development
    • Supports a quality home environment
    • Promotes positive parent-child interaction
    • Improves family health and
    • Prevents child abuse and neglect

For more information on our Family Support Programs please contact Program Director, Jen Buteau, at 466-5190 ext. 303 or email